Email Treatment notes

Hi, first time poster so apologies if this has been asked previously.
I would love “one click “ email of treatment notes to clients in desktop. As per invoices.

A lot more productive if this was the case. I do understand there is private /sensitive information in treatment notes… but maybe a password for the user to enter to allow access?? Regards A


Yes, or the ability to insert parts of the treatment notes into the letter to the client. Would be really useful.

I would love this too!

This would be very helpful to me as well!

I agree, being able to email notes without having to save them as pdfs then go into my email system would save me a LOT of time

Yes I have been requesting this feature for some years. For me, it would look like this:

Once a treatment note is complete, there is a button to email it. A dialog box then comes up similar to the one for letters. You can email to the patient, to the Referring Doctor, or to anybody else. Like with the letters email dialog box, I would like to be able to choose/search from the Contacts list in the “other” email field to easily be able to email the note to any Contact in the database.

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