Email Patient Recalls for the Week


Currently the only way to see if there is a patient recall for the month is to run a report and select the dates that the report should apply to (Jan-Feb).

It would be great to have the feature of having a reminder sent to the Business’s primary email, a list of all recalls upcoming this (week, fortnight, month).

It wouldn’t have to be anything special just a simple plain text reminder auto generated from a report.


Hi {business_name},

This is a list of this week’s current recalls coming up. (Jan 14 - Jan 20)

  • John Doe - “Suffering from lower back pain, awaiting surgery in December”
    Contact Details: | 0400 *** *** . < this can be a tel:0400****** link.
  • Jane Doe - “Suffering from Ankle pain, currently in cast from fracture injury, recall in January”
    Contact Details: | 0400 *** *** . < this can be a tel:0400****** link.


I know you have mentioned about getting this information emailed but I wonder if it could be displayed on the dashboard? That would certainly be helpful.



I’d also like to have a pop up reminder for recalls. So when you create a recall you can set a date and time for it to pop up and remind you to complete a task.



Yes, even if the ‘pop-up’ is just the date you select for the recall and then we enter the recall data appropriate to when it will notify us.

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