Email notifications!


What do I do so that I don’t get an email everytime someone posts on this forum?


Hey Julie!

I can help you with that!

Where I have the arrow pointing, you will be able to change the settings as you please when dealing with an individual post :slight_smile:

If you are looking to stop the email notifications on a category, you can do that by going into the category you want to stop following, and and modify the settings much like you would on an individual post:

I hope that helps! If not, feel free to reply back and we can help you further!



Can I recommend having the email notifications sent for every post not made automatic but an opt in (with “normal” being the automated option).

I can imagine this endless stream of emails unrequested and not on topics raised/posted in personally is pretty annoying to a lot of people and seems unnecessary to have to go through and unselect all those individually


I agree here. Mine seem to be on normal and I am still getting emails


Oh my goodness this is sending me batty getting all these emails. I have unsubscribed and they still come through. Arghh!!


same I went through the steps to make all “normal” and hasnt changed a thing. Going its just a lag in it being applied but appears not.


Hey everyone!

Looks to be a setting that we accidentally had ticked. We really did not want to be spamming things out without you opting in!

That one should be patched up now, so let us know if the emails calm down for you now!


Ill be quickly cancelling our account if I get emails every minute like I just have.


We’re looking into why this is happening. We’ve turned the setting off that would “default” to sending emails to people, but it seems as if it’s still happening.

This forum platform isn’t something we’ve built, and we’ve reached out to the people who have to confirm exactly what needs to happen to disable that!

We’ll keep you all posted!




Not calming down and driving me crazy. Please either let me opt out or stop the flow of emails!




Hi everyone!

We’ve gotten this fixed up, so you will no longer be getting emails every time a new post is made. Sorry about that!

If you do want to be notified of new posts, you can seletct “Watching” as your preference in the category. “Watching” will mean you’ll get emailed every time a new post is added, but if you’d prefer to only be emailed when someone replies to you or mentions you, you can select “Normal” as your preference:

Again, we’re sorry about all those emails that went out—that was definitely not something we wanted to happen. :flushed: If you have any other questions about how to monitor activity on the Community, please do let us know!