Email appointment notes

Hey there Cliniko Team… loving your hard work so far… can I please request a feature for a button to send treatment notes directly to the patient should they wish to have a copy. I use the treatment notes to create exercise prescription or lifestyle change advise etc and would like to write these down and just have a send email button to the patient instead of having to save as a pdf first and then email separately? pretty please?

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Agree this would be a great function!

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I could really do with an email treatment notes feature. It’s a pain having to export and email separately. If it could be joined with the invoice email then even better so the client doesn’t get too many different emails

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Hi everyone,

Many clinics are using our system, , for automating these. You can have some radio buttons or check boxes in your treatment notes or you can type some #tags in your treatment notes and cliniq apps will automatically send the correct email with content that you want to your patients.

Please have a chat with us in our platform we will help you set it up.