Electronic Signature in Letter Templates?


Can we please have electronic signatures on letter templates?

I think this would make the letter templates complete… :slight_smile:



Have a look back at when this was first requested by the community Belinda. Poor form cliniko :-1:t2:


The letters section does leave a lot to be desired, You cannot format the letters in the way you want them. I use the templates as a way to populate the letter with data that I need then cut and paste it into word template which has a signature embedded. From here, I can justify the body and set it as needed and then send it securely using egress. The Letters system is not great but I still think Cliniko is great value for money over more expensive CRMs


Hi everyone, we agree that the letters function needs TLC at the moment. It’s not that we don’t want to improve them; it’s absolutely something we want to do. Unfortunately, there have been some other tasks we have had to work on, and it’s meant that we couldn’t allocate resources to work on other things (like letters/templates). Having signatures on letters is something that is much sought-after, and it’s something we want to give to everyone. Unfortunately it’s one of those things that’s a little easier said than done from a development standpoint; with this said, I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to have a discussion about this and have something to offer sooner rather than later.

While there’s no ETA at the moment, it’s on our radar, and we’ll most certainly keep everyone updated when we make changes to letters.



I’d like this to be revisited if it can? While operating on COVID lockdown, getting things signed and sent has been difficult. Being able to paste a scan of a signature into a letter template would be great


Yes Please can there be a signature option.

ALSO, a merge field for the care plan referral date PLEASE




I agree. I have been asking for electronic signatures for a while. Right now I have to download a letter then sign it electronically then send via email. It would be so much easier to send direct from Cliniko


If we can add images to the letters, then we can add our signature. That would be very helpful.


I’m going to poke this again. Cliniko, can you give an update please? I also read a previous post about saving draft and final of letter to remove editing of letters after they have been sent. I think this also needs to be incorporated as editing a patient letter or record after it has been sent is a BIG no no under NZ law.


Needing letter template formatting - more then 3 size options.

Really needing picture/signature importing

Would make life so much easier if the letter template had a placeholder for case referral date

Now just hoping for the ability to insert tables into letter templates


Emily - have a look at MedDBase’s in-built letters editor. Tables, lists, pictures, you name it. It’s basically MS Word in a browser window. That would be great!

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I agree…This would be great and avoid me having to download, electronically sign a PDF then email separately. I could just email direct from the cliniko app. Please this would be soooo healpful!


Hi Cliniko, Has there been any developments on the letter template signature or file inserts to letter?


Guys I found a way to put electronic signatures on letter templates, although it’s just as the image of the signature and not live like the forms would be.

First, create a form with signature in Cliniko.

Go to the link and sign it yourself.

Press PrtSc button to print the screen.

Open microsoft paint and paste screenshot in there.

Crop the signature. Then resize to about 25% of original size.

Save the image.

Now open the image in whatever image viewer you have.

Copy the image.

Go to your gmail and compose a new email. (I used gmail so I don’t know if it works with other email providers).

Paste the image into the email.

Send that email to yourself.

Now copy the image from that email and paste into the letter template you just created in Cliniko.

Boom. Now your letter templates have a pre-loaded signature.

Hi Cliniko, do we have an update or ETA as to when we could expect digital signatures for letter templates?

Thanks guys!