Edit contents of calendar event in confirmation

Hi Clinikosians, I would love the ability to edit the contents of the calendar invitation that is sent to clients. This could be an extra text field associated with the Appointment Confirmation Email. The information from this field could then be in the body of the calendar event.

This would be really helpful from a client perspective. I’ve found that clients love having the calendar appointment because it is a good reminder. But because I use Zoom for my online appointments, not TeleHealth (because the audio is echoy), when it is time for their appointment, they have to search for the confirmation email to find the link.

So being able to customise the contents of the calendar event related to each confirmation type would be super handy and provide a great client experience.



We have this exact issue as well!
It would be great if there would be a way to edit calendar event content.

Having the same issue here.
Sending a zoom link in the appointment template and want to find a way to generate a relevant Calendar event

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