Edit Business/Location of existing appointments

I have multiple businesses/locations defined via Settings/Business Information. How can I now edit the location of existing appointments set in the future to the new business/location without manually cancelling the existing appointment and re-creating it under the new business/location?

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I have the same problem, would love the ability not to have to cancel and re-book

Can’t you just reschedule it to the new business/location? We regular change the venue of appointments from one venue/business to another by doing this.

I didn’t realise you could use “reschedule” for that. So that certainly helps but isn’t ideal. I would want to click reschedule, update the location field and have the appointment move without having to re-select the appointment date & time in the new locations’ calendar. This is for a one-off task where we weren’t using locations correctly and need to bulk move around 3 months worth of appointments for 2 different practitioners. But thanks for the pointer.

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we operate from 2 (nearby) locations and isn’t infrequent to change an appt from 1 location to the other. I agree in this case the option to change location from a simple dropdown box on the appt pop up would be really easy. Cant imagine its any different to having the field for time, date etc included. Certainly easier than hitting reschedule, changing location and putting it in that way, especially for multiple appts booked in advance

+1 to this. We have one business and our ‘locations’ are separate rooms. Practitioners can change rooms and the ability to quickly edit the location while retaining the other information would be welcome.