Easily differentiate between similar clinics with the "Display name" feature

You’ll notice a new field in your business settings—a spot for “Display name”!

This is internally-facing only—meaning, your patients will not ever see it. Only you/your staff will be able to see this while logged into Cliniko. It’s designed to help you differentiate between different clinics that might have very similar names and addresses—which would have made it difficult to know which clinic you were booking appointments at. :+1:

Previously, if a clinic had the same name and was in the same city/suburb, it would be nearly impossible to tell which one you were looking at when, for example, booking an appointment:

With the new “Display name” feature, you’ll be able to easily tell what’s what:

The display name will also show up when setting up a practitioner’s schedule, or anywhere else where you might need to select a business:

This should make scheduling, booking, and raising invoices (to name just a few!) a lot more efficient for you if you have multiple clinics with very similar names and addresses! :tada: