Easier way to turn off reminders when we go into lockdown

It would be so great to not have to go into each appointment type and deselect both email and SMS reminders every time our government announces another lockdown. It’s such a painful job to do. We’ve just had our second lockdown this month announced in NZ. No sooner had we restored all of the reminders, I have just gone and turned them all off again.

Thank you!

Hey, @HeidiB We actually added a way to turn off all reminders on a per-location basis during the original lockdowns :smiley:

If you head to Settings → Our clinic → Business information and then hit the “Edit information” button for a location, you’ll want to look for this option near the bottom of the next page:
Hit the “Update business” button to save those changes and repeat that for any additional locations that you’d like to turn off reminders for :+1:

This guide will also walk you through how to do this if you hit a snag along the way, but feel free to reach out to us on the support team as well if you need an extra hand :smiley:

I hope that helps!