DVA and WC Alarms

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Since the new changes to DVA, I was wanting to see if it would be possible to set some sort of “alarm” on certain episodes for patients? For eg with new DVA rules - some patients are entitled 12 visits, is there an easier way to see this as opposed to writing the note on the patient? We would prefer it to be visually easier at a glance as opposed to opening the patient and checking the notes. Same goes for Workcover QLD.



This would be incredibly helpful wouldnt it!!
Currently we number all our WC and DVA appointments 1/8 or 1/12 etc. I have been pleading to be able to see the “notes” from previous billing on the invoice screen.

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It would be such a time saver and makes admin life so much easier in reminding patients that they are in need of a new referral

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