Dear All,

I am writing from a Private GP Practice based in London,
Recently during a CQC inspection, a list o patients taking medicine X has been requested. Unfortunately, there are no search tools on cliniko. My proposal to easily sort this out is to all a new answer option/choose type on treatment notes.

Is it possible just to add on Treatment Notes template a new “choose type” answer dropdown list?

Currently, we have the following options: Single line, Paragraph, CheckBox, Multiple Choice.

If you manage to help me (and all practices in UK) and add a dropdown list we can add all medicines on it (manually or import a list if possible).

During the consultation, doctors can select as many as they needed from the list.

This will allow me to export consultations DATA and do my audit and comply with CQC requirements,

I will really appreciate if you take my request into consideration,


This would be a great feature. We have several things we could utilise this type of field for.

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Dear Cliniko,

Could you please consider my request,
Practices in UK need this feature to show CQC how many diagnosed patients with disease X has been made,
How many medicines Y has been prescribed

Best regards


Another vote for the addition of Drop Down menus in Treatment Notes.

PLEASE add this useful feature, it would be so helpful.

Thanks :blush:

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This is exactly what we need on the Cliniko

Would be great if the Cliniko developer team could add a drop-down list.
When we create a treatment note template, we would like to add a drop-down list with diseases, medications …
The organization that regulates medical activities needs to control the medications that are prescribed by doctors, and a drop-down list would allow this type of control.

Dear Cliniko developer team, please, consider this suggestion, it is very important for us.