Drop in Cliniko Conversions from Google Ads



I have noticed in Google Analytics that Cliniko conversions have stopped tracking from my Google Ads at end of May. Conversions via other sources are still tracking.

I have checked that the two accounts are linked correctly and they are. All other metrics from Google Ads are still tracking in GA.

I have attached a screenshot so you can see the drop off for Google Ads conversions. I have noticed that conversions via direct traffic has increased around about the same time conversions stopped tracking via Google Ads.

I have run the GA tag assistant and cross domain seems to be working.

Does anyone have any ideas what has happened and how to fix it?

The GA code has been implemented with Universal Anlaytics code and not the newer global site tag. Not sure if that has anything to do with it either?




Hey, Anthony! Thanks for reaching out. We spoke on the support chat today and we were able to figure it out.

For anyone seeing this thread I used the Google Tag Assistant tool and view source to help locate the problem. If anyone runs into any issues feel free to reach out to support@cliniko.com and we will be happy to help out.