Drop down menu (editable in treatment notes template) option

The editable treatment notes are very limited in their functionality. 3 things would completely expand and increase their functionality.

1, Drop down menu options in the treatment notes. I have to severly limit my ICD 10 codes as they take up pages and pages of note ‘space’ Simple drop down menue feature ewould be very helpful to not only me, but I expect every type of practionioner looking to access lists of diagnosis and different medications, etc etc.

2, The ability to have images on the first page, that remain open. Photo of the client, x-rays, etc. Currentl;y it is time cinsuming and not easy to locate the exact ‘file’ and wait for it to open.

3, The limit on file sizes means some x-rays can not be stored at all in clients treatment records.

If either of the first two of these functions were added, it would transform the look and feel.

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