Draft treatment notes are back at the top of the dashboard—but they're collapsible

Last week, we released a change that swapped the order of draft treatment notes and SMS replies on the dashboard. We got a lot of feedback from folks that this was less than desirable, particularly as anyone who’s a practitioner would be more reliant on getting a quick view of their notes (and admin staff, who would be the ones handling the SMS replies on most occasion, wouldn’t have draft notes of their own).

So, draft notes have been moved back to the top, but with another new change—they are collapsible.

If you don’t want to see that list of notes, simply press the little ^ arrow at the top, and the list will be collapsed:

This will make it easier to see those recent SMS replies if you want, while leaving your notes at the top of the screen!


Great, thanks for the change! I’m loving it already.