Downgrade Subscription - less practitioners

We are planning on downgrading our subscription because 2 of the practitioners are now inactive (taking our total number of active practitioners down to the next bracket) - I was just wondering if anyone could see any major issues with doing this?

Will we lose loads of data?
Will reporting be inaccurate?
What will happen to patients that are no longer attached to a practitioner?

Im hoping it will be simple, but I feel like something bad will happen - what will happen?

Downgrading your plan won’t affect your data in any way - so don’t worry about that @Jade0!

Inactive practitioners will be removed from the appointment calendar, though you can still see their appointments in both the appointment schedule report, and on an individual patient’s history. You can also run all of your reports for those practitioners.

Patients are never attached to a practitioner, so you don’t need to worry about anything like that!

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