Double Opt-In now available for MailChimp Integration


If you’ve integrated your Cliniko account with MailChimp, you can now enable a feature called Double Opt-In for your Cliniko List. To utilize this new feature, you’ll need to enable Double Opt-In within MailChimp.

Turning this on will send a confirmation/opt-in email to any new client/patient when they are first synced – asking if they want to join your List and receive Marketing Emails :raised_hands:!

Of course, if Double Opt-In was already enabled for your List, MailChimp will send an opt-in email to any client who is synced/added in the future.

We hope that this warrants a happy dance! For Inspiration: here is a recreation of the happy dance when I heard the news:


Thank you! This solves my last GDPR headache.