Don't allow gaps when patients book online

Hi there

I wonder if there is a way to only allow online bookings to give the option of putting appointments next to each other? We often get patients book in online and the system creates gaps. Please can this be looked at so that the work list is as efficient as possible. Eg if in the morning your next space is available at 10.30 only allow 10.30 - not 10.45 as it wastes so much time.

Thank you

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I have the opposite problem in that I want to be able to create buffers between online appointments…

Hi Cam - you can extend the appointment time by however much you need your buffer to be and if you have different time requirements for clinic and online appointments just create 2 different product codes with different names/times.

My appointments already have a buffer in them for turnaround at the moment with Covid / Cleaning / Gaps etc so to have another gap is disrupting the lists.