Doctor Surgery as contacts

Is there yet some way in which I can enter a GP surgery as a contact without having to add a name of one of the doctors. Many practices have a system whereby their patients can book an appointment with any of the GPs at the practice. Patients see different doctors according to what is the particular problem. I believe that this is almost universal in Britain. At present, the only place to mention a GP is under “referring GP” and most patients in podiatry practices are self referred of come by word of mouth of other patients. Even here one has to input a name of a doctor and this can be unnecessarily time consuming. How often do doctors change within a practice in Australia? It is very often, with some of them, in the UK. I am fairly sure that I am not the only one in this part of the world who has requested this. Is there any chance? Sue


Yes, I agree this would be really useful.

That would be a great feature. Even more importantly, it wold be great to be able to have more than one clinic or person involved in a patients care be on the list of referrers. we often cc letters and have to keep changing the referring doctor in the patient detail section before going back into the letter and emailing it to the others involved in their care. thanks!!