Doctor clinics in contacts

I’m setting up my Cliniko from scratch and entering all the GPs as contacts. I’m finding that if a clinic has 12 doctors, I have to enter the phone and address details 12 times which is frustrating and time consuming. Is there a way to entre the clinic details once then link the individual GPs to that clinic?
Or at the very least have the postcode come up as an auto fill for the suburb.


I just solved my own problem here. There is a “Duplicate” button!! Just duplicate the contact and change the Dr. Name. Ta da!!


You can also import a spreadsheet with all the contacts in the data import section of settings.

The duplicate button is good but it would still be better if Joel and the team at Cliniko could come up with a central “Practice/Clinic” section that you could then link individual doctors to - much easier when they change address!

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Great idea!
Having stats linked per practice would also be a great option.