Display density / Screen size

Hi it would be good to have the ability to be able to adjust display density, similar to gmail ie (default, comfortable, compact). When entering patient details, payments for invoices always need to scroll despite having a 27 inch 4k screen a bit annoying and wastes time. My main annoyance is when I enter the email address and they say it is the same as there name but I cannot see there name without needing to scroll up etc. the other time is when entering payments and not being able to see if open invoices and accidently pressing enter without correctly allocating.
It is a first world problem but would be very handy


Yes. The oustanding invoices allocation never shows up on our screen and it has caught us out several times.
I never use the extra information box on the payments page so this could easily be made smaller or moved.
But agree that this could be improved.

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Yes I agree that would be helpful!

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