Digital signature for letters

We use “letters” for the vast majority of our clinical reports (assessment reports, progress reports, etc) but I am not satisfied with the fact that they remain editable after they have been sent. I would like the letters to either:
a) “Save as final” like the treatment notes, so they are more difficult to edit (and locked to a single author)
b) Be able to easily digitally sign the letter
(or both!)

This is based on advice I received from Speech Pathology Australia that we don’t necessarily need to sign a report if it is absolutely clear who wrote it (e.g. through individual sign-ins to cliniko). I’d say we don’t quite meet that standard yet, so long as the letters remain editable.



Definitely agree, signatures are a super important feature we need in Cliniko. Especially with the mandatory need for NDIS service agreements with NDIS participants. Being able to complete NDIS service agreements via letters or treatment notes and being able to allow clients to sign the document to make it a legal contract is a definite must!

I have been trying to do this for ages so looking forward to Cliniko’s reply.

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Hi everyone—I agree that being able to have signatures on letters is a much-needed feature, and would be beneficial to everyone. The good news is that this is something we’ve discussed doing; the bad news is that we don’t have an ETA. Now that we have finished some pretty intensive work on other things (Medicare and patient cases, for example), I’m hoping it means that it will free up resources for other things (i.e. signatures on letters). We’ll definitely keep everyone in the loop with this!



Hi team, really hoping that Cliniko will make this a priority now during the Covid 19 period.

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I really think this is a priority also…both making the letters not editable and also being able to E sign!

Its not ideal, but my workaround has been:

  1. Download finished documents to PDF
  2. Add electronic signature (not digital though, just an image of our signatures) (and in our case, the letterhead) using Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Email or fax the finished document electronically (we use PDF2fax technology for this purpose).
  4. Upload document to files (this is now un-editable and dated in cliniko)

Great. I will sign up today!

Don’t forget about signatures on (massage) invoices. In Ontario, Canada, all RMT’s have to sign their invoice. We have 7 massage therapists who don’t use Cliniko for invoicing for this reason alone.

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In Ontario, the college also requires therapists to sign their treatment notes - so add this to the list too please!

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Hey, there. In an effort to corral some of this into a single location while our developers continue to work on adding signatures into Cliniko, please feel free to add your feedback in this thread: