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Hi Cliniko Users,

You can now upgrade your practice to get your patients fill your intake forms, follow-up questions or any other forms that you need digitally.
You can decide who, when and based on what criteria (age, appointment type, appointment time, new/old patient, or even their specific condition) receive your Forms.

:rocket: Send the digital patient intake form to your new patients as soon as they book an appointment. The data will be instantly filled in your patient details in Cliniko. No need for any manual data entry, scanning etc.
:rocket: Your patients can fill the form at their own convenience, using their phones any time that they choose (before coming to your clinic or while they are in your waiting room)
:rocket: You can define your own questions and decide where you want to store them. You can directly update your patient details, save answers in a treatment note or copy the data in your patient notes.
:rocket: Automate your onboarding / welcoming process instantly based on the answers they provide in the patient forms
:rocket: Automate your patient follow-up protocols and save their answers directly in their treatment notes without any staff workload increase.

Patient Forms are FREE for our activated users!

Enjoy Growing Your Practice :rocket:
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