Difficulty with templates and multiple injuries per patient


Kia ora,

I am a Physio working in NZ and am a new user to Cliniko. I was hoping that there may be some help regarding problems that my colleagues and I are having difficulty with. We are all ex users of Gensolve which is a well known software used by many physiotherapists in NZ

As physiotherapist’s in NZ we have a subsidized service through an organisation called ACC (Accident compensation organisation). Because of this, we see many different patients who potentially come with several ‘claims’ and injury ‘types’.

The current problem that we have found with Cliniko is that we are not sure how to generate the right notes to the respective claim without having to create a NEW notes template each time.

For instance. Pt A arrives with claim ABC123 shoulder and claim EXY456 lower back. They could be treated back to back on the same day under these different claims but will need to use different notes templates each time. This is due to our reporting and invoicing purposes. Is there an easier way to create notes without having to create multiple templates and without having to copy and paste from each previous treatment session?

Another point we are finding is that when we have patients that have a long history of previous injuries, some may present with up to 10 - 15 different claims over the years, there will be many past treatment notes listed down the right hand tool bar. It becomes quite arduous having to scroll through several pages of each sessions notes that could potentially be months or years long. Is there anyway to have the notes collapsible and listed?

I hope this makes sense as it is difficult to articulate through writing.

As a team we were hoping to speak with other physiotherapists in NZ who may already be using your program and were hoping to link in with them and see if they have found any of these similar problems and what they did to resolve their issues.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from anyone that may be able to help.

Krystal Harrison


I’m looking forward to hearing from Cliniko on ideas of how to solve this problem.
Working in NZ with ACC claims is unique, but more and more clinics will be looking for a software to choose to use when online notes become mandatory, and if Cliniko gets ahead on this it will be attractive choice.