Difficult/unreliable patients warning


The scenario is: Patient X books first appointment but doesn’t turn up. Clinic policy may be to advance charge at next appt. So when creating the ‘New Appointment’ for second visit, the Patient field will pick up the initial patient’s name and contact number and if the patient has been flagged as unreliable etc. a warning icon appears next to the ‘Patient’ field name. Clicking the icon, shows the reason for the patient being flagged. This allows the clinic to decide at time of booking whether to accept the appt.

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The only way we get around Cliniko not having this option is change the person’s name to Ian “DO NOT BOOK” Holmes, so then the receptionist will get in touch with you first.

I think you have a great idea…but Cliniko keeps on doing tweaks and updates in areas that are already quite good…whereas others lag behind.

I have asked multiple times for a report that shows how much money is created from a referral source such as a Facebook promotion. Its great to know that 10 people came from it, but what did they spend and was the total generated more than the Facebook adverts?..but its going nowhere with Cliniko.

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