Dictate notes using Dragon


Does anyone use Dragon Home or Professional on a macbook and use it to dictate their notes. I am not the quickest tyoist in th eworld and frequently make errors (such as those I just left there :wink: ) and think that using this could potentially save me plenty of time. It will obviously take a little bit of time to set up and get rolling well but I think it might be worth it. Given it does cost over a couple of hundred bucks I am keen to hear from anyone who is already using it. Any opinions or feedback would be much appreciated.



I am thinking the same. I would like to be able to use Dragon with my Cliniko to dictate my patient notes and letters to GP. I have spoken to several other podiatrists who would be planning to do the same, Will this become an integration at some stage?



Hey Amy and Ant,

Have you tried MacOS’s built in Dictation? It’s built into the OS, and might be a nice free alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking to try out Voice to Text https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT202584