Diary spaces for certain appointment types?

Hi. Would be great to be able to segment my appointment book to only allow certain appointment types at certain times of the day.
eg. only allow Initial Consultations between 4-6pm on a certain day.
Ie. that slot wouldn’t accept other types of appointments therefore stays open for our first time online new clients.
Otherwise my regulars just book through the blank bits, leaving not enough time for new client bookings which require much longer appointment times.


Requested this years ago. Good luck


Yes we really need this!!! Being able to save space in the appointment book for longer appointments (eg New Patients) is crucial. Online booking is great but patients book wherever they want and sometimes stop New Patients from being able to book in.
Also, a “block booking” feature for online booking would help this too for example online booking only shows appointments times available next to existing appointments and at start/end of shifts. This would group appointments together preventing patients from booking in at random times and leaving gaps between appointments.


I also requested this years ago! I am not sure why this can not be integrated more as a priority - it will allow users more control over their schedules. It seems like it also should not be too complicated from a programming perspective. :zipper_mouth_face:


Possible Solution- Im trying to fix this now going to test it soon

  1. create two practitioner with similar name Dr Bob Builder (for New Patients) Bob Builder (for existing clients) you need two different emails I believe.

  2. set one practitioner to only see New patients and the other to see treatment/regular visit

  3. set your hours you want fro regular and New Patients and make sure they dont overlap

  4. If you want to log in to both accounts youll need two browsers open at the same time (chrome and firefox work best for us)

  5. ask cliniko to compensate you for the additional practitioner fee haha. or request that they automate it so you dont increase the subscription fee (or they just charge extra for the feature). Although I know nothing about computers or programming I think if cliniko could charge you for uniquely named practitioners once maybe its possible to do this. Or provide multiple booking columns in the same business location. This opens up the very popular block booking and also this functionality could open up the ability to book a treatment room which is a very busy booking method for busy clinics. It might not completely solve the problem but it is a patch


Good idea for short term…yes this would mean I would have extra practitioners and cost. How would this look with online booking? I don’t have multiple practitioners currently to know how that would display. Would I need to name the new practitioner Initial Consultation? To avoid confusion for clients who think they might be booking with a wrong practitioner?

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My current work around for this is:

I have created another “site” in Settings->Business Information. Enter the same location details as your current location (or enter details of which site you want this setting to apply to) except you name the site clearly for online bookings - in your example it could be “initial consultations”. Select ONLY the appointment types you want available to this profile and “Display this business in online bookings” if you want clients to be able to book in via that method. It may also be a good idea to exclude that appointment type from your default business (if you don’t want initial appointments outside of the desired timeframe you’re setting up).

Then, go into Settings->Users & Practitioners. Select the Practitioner you want the new site to apply to and select “edit their practitioner settings”. It should show your current setup as default. Adjust their availability in the default setup (under Practitioner Availability) to exclude the hours you want to reserve in the “initial consultations” profile. Then select the new business location created above from the drop-down and schedule the hours you want initial appointments to be conducted.

Go into your online bookings link and test to make sure it works the way you want it to.

We only have one practitioner so this is easy to manage for us. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Good idea…though I have multiple locations and will be adding more soon, so will get a bit busy with the number of diaries we have. I can see it would work well for one.

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Yes!! This is feature that we really needing as well! We want to be able to restrict New Patient consults so they aren’t the end of the day on Friday for example. Right now our only solution is to use little unavailable blocks to restrict to shorter appointment types but this limits other types that are just s long s a New patient. Please add appt type restriction cliniko, thank youuuuu!!!


Totally agreed @Chiro13, this is one of the most frustrating things as a solo practitioner. Clients having the ability to book whenever they like as opposed to within specific appointment type times, can totally kill the flow of a shift. It also makes it hard with New clients sometimes booking in peak demand times for regular appointments. I would be FOREVER grateful if Cliniko could provide this.