Day of week appearing on online booking page

It would be wonderful if the day of the week appeared on the online booking page, in addition to the date.

Ever since Cliniko changed the days of the week to start on Mondays instead of Sundays, we have patients showing up on the wrong day because here in the U.S. the weeks usually start with Sundays. I have attempted to attach a photo of what I am talking about.


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There are a couple of threads in this forum about clients showing up on the wrong day and this is inline with my own experience.

I believe the Clinko booking system is not quite as fool proof as it could be in terms of helping clients understand when their booking actually is.

This idea from Jaxrogers was actually suggested to me by one of my clients who had accidentally turned up a day early. I’m sure it would be helpful.

Thank you for these suggestions! I’ve passed these along to our team. I do have a suggestion (if you’re not already doing it)—the appointment confirmation emails send out an attachment that patients can add to their personal calendar, and this will put the appointment as an “event” into their calendar on the day it’s been booked for. The emails also include the day of the week in the text:

With this said, I can understand how it may be confusing to a client who thought they had booked for a certain day of the week to get an email stating it was for something different than expected.

Thanks again—as mentioned, I’ve passed this onto the team here!