Data exports will now expire


We make it super easy to export your data out of Cliniko - allowing you to pull information out of Cliniko to be used elsewhere. When you create a data export, it creates a separate file that’s a copy of what you have stored in Cliniko (usually a CSV spreadsheet).

If you’ve ever done a data export before, you will know that once you create the file, it stays in Cliniko until you delete it. From June 25th we’re changing that so that they are no longer stored indefinitely. If you still need any data exports you’ve previously created, you’ll need to download those before June 25th.

Ongoing, data exports will expire after 2 weeks, and are not downloadable once expired. Please make sure to store a copy yourself if you need to keep them.

We’ve made this change in line with our recent privacy efforts, so that when you permanently delete something, it really goes away. We can’t have it lingering in old data exports.

This of course only effects the data exports (csv spreadsheets used to take data out of Cliniko). Everything else in Cliniko stays super safe and sound, just like before.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know!