Dashboard Notification Badges


Hey there,

I’d like to add to the never ending avalanche of feature requests from needy customers!

Our practitioners can be a little lax on checking the dashboard. It would be great if a notification badge could appear if there has been a new/unseen post.




We have this feature currently, @luke.anthony :raised_hands:!

As long as the Practitioner isn’t on the Dashboard Page, anytime another team member posts something on the Message Board, a notification badge will appear.

The number in parentheses indicates how many messages were posted since they’ve last visited the Dashboard. This number does not include SMS Replies or Draft Treatment Notes though so keep that mind. If you’ve been idle on a page too long as well you’ll need to refresh or navigate to another page for the badge to update.

If you or anyone on your team is having issues getting this to work though, send us a quick message within your account and we’ll get things sorted.


Thanks for your reply Rachel!

This might be the case but it doesn’t reflect comments in a thread since you last visited. I had this very issue this week where a staff member didn’t know there had been updates to the thread and subsequently missed a training opportunity. I think the way notifications show on the cliniko community section is a much better representation of notifications.


A nice bright badge with the notification count stands out much more than the less than create parentheses! I know it wouldn’t be a huge priority on the Cliniko roadmap, but it would be a valued addition on the day to day workflow. :grin: