Dashboard - List of "Arrived" patients, + link to visit notes

Would love to see a list of arrrived patients on my dashboard (so I don’t need to open the app’t book up in my Rx room (patients can see my screen), in such a way that I can then click on their name have their visit notes open up. Effectively bypassing the Appointment book altogether.


Would also love this. Other programs I use have this function. This also helps practitioners see who is here without having to rely on a tiny icon. You can then also bill from this area to ensure no patient has been missed etc

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This would be amazing! Would be great to see the list of who has arrived and in what order. I can wander to reception and not have a clue who is next.
Not having to have my appointment screen open in front of clients also would be a big plus…simply hiding the names doesn’t cut it as I can’t see the names either LOL.

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adding to this - practitioners could also add messages to front desk - when they need to come back, if they need to buy any stock, letter to print, what code to charge etc etc. It would save everyone time as i find practitioners tend to hover needing to tell receptionist things but they may be busy on the phones etc

^ An example i found of another program

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