Daily practitioner reminder email

Looking to start your day at the clinic but not sure what’s in store? Well, good news, everyone! Practitioners can now receive an automated email every morning with a list of their scheduled appointments for the day :tada: !

The daily practitioner reminder email sent will contain a list of individual appointments, group appointments, unavailable blocks, and even open availability. If you have multiple locations at your clinic we’ll also show those scheduled appointments within the same email.

If a practitioner is available but no appointments are scheduled, we’ll send an email indicating that nothing has been booked. Otherwise, if the practitioner has no availability set-up for a specific day (for example they are off Saturday and Sundays) and no appointments are scheduled, no email will be sent.

Set up daily practitioner reminder emails

To enable daily practitioner reminder emails for another practitioner, head to Settings → Our clinic → Users & practitioners → Practitioner Name or if you’re a Practitioner and want to enable this for yourself, click on My info under your name:

From here, tap or click Edit practitioner settings and under Daily appointment email tick the box to Receive a daily email of that day’s appointments. Once you save the changes, you’re all set!

You’ll now receive automated reminders for your appointments daily :raised_hands:!