CVA for Existing Client

Hey there,

We would very much love to be able to quickly see how many times on average an Existing client see’s a therapist.

I know that Cliniko has added the CVA for new clients, but it would be great to see the number for existing clients so we could better assess our staff’s retention rate as well as be able to better manage our wait list and give our clients a more realistic time frame.

Kind regards,

Evolution Psychology Center


Hi there, a connected app for Cliniko has this metric in the Giga plan synced directly from your Cliniko account. Let me know if your would like to chat.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your message. I’ve taken a quick look at the website/app. Would you be able to send me a screenshot of said PVA data chart?

Hi, here is a screenshot of one of the sixty-plus metrics in the GIGA account. This one show retention by practitioners for the past year, with a hover over details, pop up. I would be keen to discuss your exact requirements as we can customise a plan to suit you if needed.