Customizing Reports


Hi Is there an add-on app Cliniko suggest to use to create reports with information which Clinko does not provide. for example:
The Payment summary is great but needs the type of payment (credit card /cash etc.) not just in summary at the top but as a column next to each payment.

2nd example DAta Export/ Payment Allocation needs a column showing the client.

3rd example: Need a report showing by date, by practitioner/or all, number of hours active, showing the activity/product and amount billed for the time. The hours are on the Data Export/appointments but the date, time and time zone are all in the same column so the data is difficult to extract.

If there is a way to data mine the information this would be great.


Yes, I agree! We would like these options too, especially being able to see the payment summary with types of payment next to each transaction and for it to be filtered by practitioner. This would save us heaps of time.


Hi there,

I run a 3rd party reporting platform for Cliniko users. Zip me an email and we can set you up on a full-scale trial. We have a number of happy Cliniko customers building their own customised reports directly on top of their account’s data.



Hi All, Cliniq Apps has a fully customisable dashboard 100% free.