Customisable SMS -DNA/FTA messages

Hi, I am not sure if Cliniko currently has this setting, I have been unable to find it when I look.

It would be nice if we were able to set up a feature where a customisable SMS template could be sent, outside of appointment reminders. For example, if a patient fails to attend their consult, we could send SMS template with autofill of the consult time and requested follow up action. This could also be used for requesting Patients contact to collect results, happy birthday texts etc

cheers, brent


No setting currently, @brentonwest. You can set-up templates for SMS Reminders but there isn’t a setting to set-up an SMS Template for manual or one-off SMS messages. Great idea for when you need to send patient requests or birthday message though via SMS so thank you for your feature request!


Thank you for the reply, yes the reminders are a good option. But nothing to use post the consult occurring. Would be nice that when you tick a patient as Did Not Attend Cliniko could then automatically send a the patient a SMS indicating the occurrence.


It would be nice if this was a feature. But cliniqapps does this for a decent price.

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Hi you can do this with

Hi Brent,

Great request - been asking for this for a while now…

I use the letter template feature for DNA & Cancellations and send them by email.

  1. Create a DNA & Cancellation letter.
  2. Go to client, create new letter, edit chosen letter, save, then email to the client (as email content, not pdf, as it is less likely to hit spam).

Not a slick as an automated text, but short-term (long-term) it does work quite well.

FYI - my cancellation email is as follows:

Dear Client Name,
This email confirms the cancellation of your appointment with Practitioner Name on Day & Time.
If you would like to reschedule this appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me on - 01903 256 500.

Kind regards
Stuart Hart
Practice Manager

Sussex Physio Pilates
22-24 South Street,
01903 256 500