Customisable access for practitioners and admin staff

Is it possible to customise access to certain features of Cliniko to different users in the business. Example, currently when a practitioner has generated a letter for a patient, they are unable to archive that letter (if they used an incorrect template by mistake). The ability to archive a letter is only for administrator access. Is it possible to grant access to archive letters to the practitioners? This seems silly that the medical professionals are not able to archive a letter if it is not appropriate or does not get sent. Also is it possible for practitioners to have access to documents and printing settings in Cliniko? I think it would be great if we were able to customise certain features for different user access depending on your individual needs. Interested in others thoughts on this.


Yes this is what we are after. Mainly that there are a lot of functions that Practitioners needs access to be able to do. Ours cannot make amendments to an invoice to add products sold which makes life hard for us & our admin.

Hi all! While we can completely see why this would be useful, it’s not likely we’ll see it available in the very near future, unfortunately. There are some other projects we’re working on, that we need to get out the door before we look further into customising permissions—but we will certainly keep everyone informed if this is something we do!