Custom start page?

Hi all, I have searched for this on the forum but can’t find any previous posts. I would find it really useful for my business to be able to customise the Cliniko start page that opens on login. In my case I’d have it go straight to my appointments diary. I understand why it opens on the dashboard (for messages) but perhaps if there could be a message icon in the menu so that we can see we have messages in our in box, but the ability to go straight to my diary would be fab (as that’s where I always go to first). Thanks


Hi @ahart! Thanks for the message!

You can modify the shortcut you use to access Cliniko, to point to the Appointments page, so that once you are done logging in, you are taken to the diary instead of the Dashboard, which is the default landing page. You can simply edit your Cliniko shortcut to be, where xxxx is your account subdomain.

Alternatively, you can save a new shortcut. Click on the Appointments tab and click nothing else (ensure that your address bar in your browser reads only, with nothing else following - if you change the date then there will be extra date text on the end). Now save your new shortcut. This shortcut will take you straight to Today on the calendar from now on!

Hope this helps! If you need anything further, we are easiest reached from within Cliniko by clicking Help on the blue sidebar, and clicking Chat with us!

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