Custom patient fields are now live 🎉!

Need to add custom details for your clients or patients? For example, vaccinations, insurance coverage, VIP dates, or any useful information that would help your business manage & understand your patients further! Good news……

Custom patient fields are now live :tada:!

Once custom fields have been set-up within your account settings, you’ll see those fields appear when creating a new patient or editing an existing patient.

These custom patient fields can be also be archived, restored, and exported within your patient data exports!

Below, we’ll give you a quick overview of how things work, but head over to our support site for an in-depth guide.

We also have a video demo that will walk you through all the steps right here:

:point_up: Just note: patient forms cannot sync with custom patient fields currently. We may add this option in the future but this option is not available with custom patient fields at this time.

Create custom patient fields

The first thing you’ll need to do is create custom patient fields within your account settings. To do this, login as an Administrator and navigate to Settings → Patients → Custom patient fields:

From here, click “create one”:

A new section and field will be added but you have the ability to create additional sections by using the “Add section” button. You can also include multiple fields within a section by using the “Add field” button.

Section title and field title, are required but when adding your custom patient fields, there are many different types of fields you can select from, including:

  • Single line text
  • Paragraph text
  • Multiple choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Date

New “Date” field type and “Other” option for Multiple choice and Checkbox

For multiple choice and checkbox patient fields, if the answer isn’t available in the list, you now have a new ability to add an “Other” option which will allow you or your team to write in a new custom value!

The Date field type is also new to custom patient fields, treatment note templates, and patient for templates! With the Date field type you’ll be able to select past or future dates quickly. When editing or creating a new patient, when selecting a date you’ll see a drop-down for year, month, and an option to clear the date that was previously selected.

Once you’ve added your custom fields, make sure to Save your changes at the bottom of the page.

Where are the new custom patient fields?

Now that you’ve added custom fields to your account, the next time you edit or create a new patient on the Patients page, you’ll now see the new fields appear (below the Referral source section) :tada::

Update existing custom patient fields

Once a custom patient field has been added to your account, at any time you can rename, archive, or restore any section, field titles, or field options. Just note: you cannot update any field types once the patient field has been created (for example changing a custom field type from “single text” to a “checkboxes” field type).

Rename custom patient fields

To rename a custom patient field, head to Settings → Custom patient fields. From here, you’ll be able to edit any section titles, field titles, or field options as needed.

However, we recommend not renaming your fields in a way that could confuse or change the meaning of any existing data you may have already added:

Archive custom patient fields

While editing custom patient fields (via Settings → Custom patient fields) you’ll see the option to use the Archive button on any sections, fields, or options:

Rest assured, archiving will not delete or remove the custom patient fields permanently from the account in any way :raised_hands:! You’ll see a warning that Archiving any sections, fields, options will simply hide any data that has been collected so far from the patient details page.

Just make sure to save your changes once you archive any items and you’re all set.

Restore custom patient fields

If you change your mind at any time, you can always restore any archived custom patient fields, sections, or options. To do this, click "Show archived fields” or “Show archived sections” depending on what you’re looking to restore.

This should add the archived field back to the section and once you Save your changes, the field will be available within the patient’s details page again — including any data that was hidden previously after the section or field was archived.

Exporting custom patient field data

If any data is added to your custom patient fields, we’ll also include those fields within your data exports!

Single patient export

A single patient export can be generated by selecting the patient in question, and scrolling down to the bottom of their details. From here, you’ll see an option to generate an export under Export patient information. Next, the Generate export link, and you’ll see confirmation that a copy of stored information is being exported.

Finally, To access this export, head into the patient’s Files, and you’ll see the export (it will be a .zip file):

Multiple patient export

To generate an export of custom patient data fields from multiple patients, head to Settings, and then Data exports. From here, you’ll want to select “patients” as the type of Data to export, and select your date range. After you click the Export data button, and your file will be generated. The spreadsheet will contain the custom patient data fields and sections you created :tada:! Perfect for creating custom reports based on the data you’ve collected!

We hope you love the new custom patient fields feature and if you have any questions, reach out to our support team or comment below.


Love this! Thanks legends :blush:

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This feels like a big step forward!

Will this roll out to 3rd parties like Finger-ink or Peptalkr via an API?


This is great - thanks so much!

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Are there any plans to include the information stored in the custom patient field in the patient pull down template in letters? Would be very useful and help with the letter automation