Custom pages to format patient data



I have just started using cliniko, it looks great and perhaps does 98% of what I need. One thing it does not do is printing patient labels (and you can not have a page for every printer out there) so I have to copy/paste. Can I suggest a very simple feature that would allow me to print patient labels from cliniko and potentially any custom forms for anyone who needs custom forms etc. If I could add a link to my own web page from the patient details section with patient information I need I could then do whatever I want with it. Example, if I could have a URL added as a link in patient details section just after recalls and communications which would open a new window with URL etc I could then just write my own html script to format the information and print as many labels as I need from the browser. All I need is url address and then ability to select the data that will be sent to that url - same as in templates.
Apart from labels I need to do ACC forms and again currently I will have to copy/paste, whereas with this feature I could easily do ACC forms as well.