Custom CSS block (or at least some more styling options)

I’m a web developer and trying to get the Cliniko embed to seamlessly fit into our pages.

With a few styling choices it would make a big difference:

  1. Button colour
  2. Font choice
  3. Table header backgrounds.

With a custom CSS box we make it match perfectly.

Hi Hamish, yes I’ve just been checking out Cliniko today for the first time and this is a major drawback for what looks like a great application. Been trying all morning to get it looking nice on a site and just can’t.

For anyone else trying to workaround not being able to add styles directly, you also CANNOT add them using Google Tag Manager! I just lost many hours troubleshooting why my HTML tags embedded with GTM weren’t firing.

There is a note about this on one help page, but unless you go looking for it you wouldn’t know. There warning in the backend where you enter your GTM container ID (but there is a link to a help document, but no explicit warning).

The most ideal solution would still be a custom CSS back in the backend as GTM is blocked by some adblockers.