Custom appointment confirmations and reminders are HERE!

The time has come—for custom appointment confirmations and reminders! :tada: :dancer: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:

Yep, that’s right—you can have unique confirmations and reminders for each appointment type.

This means that no matter what kinds of appointments you’re offering—pilates classes, one-on-one physio treatments, yoga, you name it—they can each send a different message to your patients! And at different times, if you want!

The ways they can be customised are quite fun. :hugs: For example:

  • You can send an SMS reminder for an initial consult that would go out two days before the appointment, but you can also send an SMS reminder for a follow-up consult that would go out 1 day before the appointment!
  • Want an email reminder to go out at a different time than an SMS reminder? Easy-peasy—that can be done!
  • You can have as many different types of reminders as you need to suit all the different needs of your clinic!

You can add your new custom confirmations and reminders within each appointment type’s settings—first, though, you’ll want to create the templates that you’ll use!

Step one: setting up the templates

First, head into Settings, and then select Appointment reminders or Appointment confirmations, depending on what you’re looking to do:

For reminders:

You’ll see the option to add either a new email or new SMS template:

For appointment confirmations:

You’ll see a button to add a new confirmation template:

Click either one of those, and the next page will look almost exactly like the appointment reminder settings that you know and love—except you’ll be able to set up a unique template name:

And when you save your template, you’ll be able to see a list of all the templates you have, for either reminders or appointment confirmations:

That’s step one! Next, you’ll want to link these templates to your appointment types! :raised_hands:

Step two: linking templates to appointment types

Head into Settings, and then Appointment types. Select the appointment type you want to link your template to.

Within the appointment type settings, you’ll be able to select which templates you want to use with this appointment type:

:point_up: Note that if you select N/A, nothing will be sent—so if you want your appointments to send out reminders or confirmations, be sure to select the relevant templates!

At the moment, while you can have as many different templates as you want, you can only link one of each to a single appointment type—so a single SMS reminder template, a single email reminder template, and a single appointment confirmation template.

To get started with setting everything up, you can check out these guides:

We’re pretty over-the-moon :first_quarter_moon: that we can finally offer this! Now, get on gettin’ on and create your custom templates! :hugs:


Love this, thank you.

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