Credit Card Details required to Book Online

No different to anything else that we use in apps; but now having all people who book online to withhold their valid credit card details in regard to cancellation policy.

Almost there, and we can see it happening with other software and apps we may use in everyday life ie Uber.


Hi @SeanMomentum, we’re currently working on getting online payments up and running—so that people will be able to pay when booking online. I don’t yet know the extent of this functionality (i.e. if you’ll have the option to hold the card details without charging it at the time of booking in addition to taking payment up front), but we’ll definitely let everyone know when the feature is available!


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Is there a way that patients get the option whether they want to pay in advance for appt or just wait to pay at time for appt? I have set up online booking but want to give my regular/registered patients the option to pay online in advance or just wait but still be able to book appt online.

Card payments via booking on-line would be amazing and reduce staff worktime. Currently we have to let them book, then call them and take a card payment. They may be in meetings etc, so we end up chassing them. Also, many people do not feel comfortable providing their card details over the phone, and ask if they can pay on-line.

Hi Team,

Has there been ANY progress on Credit Card capture in the Online Booking system? This is becoming critical because with COVID restrictions we have had to halve the number of appointments we accept to maintain social distancing.

Every cancellation or no show essentially is now costing 2 appointments and it is really hurting us.

Please advise if we can expect this functionality soon.