Creating Separate Appointment Types for 2nd Locations


I would like to propose the ability to assign Appointment Types to Locations as well as to Practitioners.
I offer the same treatment but for a different length of time and a different cost at my second location. I don’t want customers wanting to book into the second location being able to inadvertently select an appointment type that belongs to the first location.
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I’m also interested in finding out if this is possible - I have similar issues.

Thank you!



I am surprised if not many more users would find this useful. Every osteopath I know works in at least 2 different locations with different prices and appointment structures! Vx


HI Ciniko Team, I am too needing an appointment type assigned to a location please… I run my practice out of 4 different locations some types of appointment I cant offer at each location etc so this would be very helpful please, thank you


I would LOVE this as well. I want to offer free consultations over the phone - and have the clients have the location address of ‘over the phone’ so they did not accidentally show up in the office.


I am disappointed that this is not available as yet - I have a new staff member who offers special services but only has the equipment necessary at one of our locations - please provide this Cliniko!!