Creating a Wait List - Tip of the Week


Is your clinic or business similar to a concert where everyone is excited to get in but it’s packed or sold out :raised_hands::woman_singer::raised_hands:!? If you need to keep track of those “fans” or clients wanting to see you, why not create a Wait List :memo:?

In this Tip of the Week :bulb:, I’m explaining how the Wait List works, two methods of adding clients to the Wait List, and how to change the default Removal Date :no_entry:️!

Rock on :guitar:!


Hi Rachel, I know my team really appreciate your videos. However, when we have several different staff on different shifts covering reception not everyone instinctively remembers to check the waitlist when someone cancels.

It would be great to add an automated notification when an appointment is cancelled “to check the waitlist, someone could be waiting”. This could be something that could be turned on and off from the settings.

It would really help - especially with my computer illiterate members of the team.




Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion. We don’t have a notification to remind you to do so, but your team should be able to achieve this with the current wait list functionality. Right after you cancel an appointment, you can click the newly empty slot on the calendar. In the new appointment pop up, then choose “Select from wait list” instead of searching for a patient. It will show you all the options of people that are waiting to see that practitioner.

Hope that helps!


Do you have any plans/capability to open the waitlist for online bookings?
We have some very popular time slots, and it would be great to have patients able to add themselves to the waitlist if possible!


We don’t have any plans currently but that’s a great suggestion for future updates!


A feature that would be really useful to add to the ‘Waitlist’ is the clients next appointment date without having to manually type it in the notes area. We spend a lot of time having to open and close the Client details to find out when their next appointment is when we have last minute appointments. We have 13 self employed practitioners who use the centre for sessions, so toggling between their Cliniko screens and 2 others using Healthkit is a lot of juggling! Thanks, Selena


There’s now a checkbox asking if you wish to remove a future appointment when you make an appointment from the wait list.
So it shows if they have a future appointment and simple to remove it by checking the box.