Create notes that appear on all appointments for a patient

You can now create notes for a patient, that will appear on all of their appointments. Not only does it appear on appointments on the calendar, it will even appear while you are creating an appointment. :tada:

The key difference with this type of note, it’s available to be seen by schedulers, receptionists or anyone with access to the calendar. It’s not intended to store medical information, rather administrative notes. Some examples of use are:

  • A patient has accessibility requirements and needs assistance when entering your business.
  • The patient regularly does not turn up, and you want to collect a fee from them in advance.
  • They love their tea with milk and two sugars, you’ll look like a pro when you bring out their beverage without needing to ask.

When you’re adding or editing a patient, you’ll see a new field called “Appointment notes”:

Whatever you include in this field will show up on every appointment for this patient. When the appointment is being created:

And when the appointment is viewed:

This will be handy for keeping all staff members in the loop about a particular patient’s needs, requests, or anything, really!

Note: For clarity, we’ve renamed the existing patient field that was named “Notes” to “Extra Information”. We feel this better identifies the intent for that field, compared to the new “Appointment notes” field.


Would be better if it was editable from the appointment screen instead of having to go into the patients file


I just want to say that this is an awesome update! Very handy for us! Would definitely be nicer if we can directly edit from the booking screen.

This is good as it will allow me to enter the client’s reference number into their bookings. However it would be even better if the client’s reference number was carried across more client records automatically! Thanks

This is a great feature. However, like the above mentioned comments it would be good if it could be edited from the appointment itself and not the client file.

Also something that would be really helpful is a different note icon (the little white notepad) that appears on the appointment when viewing the whole appointment book so you can distinguish the difference between this permanent new note and a one off note that is entered for that appointment only.

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Hi everyone! :wave: Those are all great ideas. :smile: I’ve mentioned these suggestions to our team here. I’m glad you’re liking this new feature!


Is there a way to make notes similar to these but for an appointment type?

For example, every time someone is booked in for a 15 minute consultation a note appears?

The reason we want to do this is that we have certain appointment types created that a patient only pays a portion for and when we are training new employees this can be confusing. So the note would say “This is an x-appointment, patient only pays $36”. It can’t be a patient note because they can book in for different appointment types as well.

If anyone has other suggestions that would be great!

Still would love if you could edit the appointment note from the appointment book itself :heart_eyes:

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It would be good if when you hovered over the note it showed you the actual note content, rather than a message “saying there are notes”.

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