Create cases to manage series of treatments for your patients

You can now organise different treatments together with patient cases! :tada: Cases allow you to group different types of treatments together, such as GP referrals, injuries, and more.

You can get the nitty-gritty details of how cases work right here—but read on below for a quick little overview!

How patient cases work

You’ll first want to add a new case, which can be done when you’re booking a new appointment:

After filling out the initial case details, you can find the case in the patient’s details page:

At any point, you’ll be able to edit the case—you can also add file attachments and relate additional appointments:

And there you have the quick version of cases! :+1:

You can learn more about cases right over here, and as usual, let our support team know if you have any questions!

Hi Emily,

This is a great addition to the platform, thank you Cliniko.
I have added a couple of cases for a couple of clients.
I have added their appointments (both past and future), but the number of appointments used is still showing 0 of 10… as you can see from the image below.

The image below shows that 2 appointments are attached to the said case. have a I missed something?

Cheers Stuart

Also would it be possible to go back further for the appointment dates?

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Hi Stuart!

There was a little glitch with the appointment counts on first launch. That’s been fixed up and the counts should be corrected now.

We’re working on a better way to select appointments that will go back further, too. But the easiest workflow for cases going forward is to add the appointments to the case from the calendar as they’re booked.


This is a great new feature. Thanks Cliniko! For GP management plans it would also be useful to attach from Letters.

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Thanks for this suggestion, @Steph1! I can certainly pass that onto the team here! :slight_smile:


This is great! Just a quick question when entering the referral date, date of expiry and Doctor Refferal details where in Cliniko do these go? I cannot see them within the case once I have entered them in at the appointment time. Thanks

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Am I missing something or does the referral info entered when creating a case for medicare referrals not how up anywhere except when you go in to edit the case? Eg on the linked appoinemnts (s an appointment note) or even when clicking the Case Name link on the appointment.

All I see is the number of appointments not the referral date, referrer details, and any notes I’ve made

Seems to make entering all the referral details pointless and better just skipping that and adding the relevant details as a note

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Is anyone else having issues with the numbering? The first appointment seems to be numbered 0 rather than 1. :thinking:

Great feedback @Sheridan & @Greg! We plan on making improvements to patient cases and something that we’re adding is a way to show referral information when viewing the case :raised_hands:. As you mentioned you can only see this information when editing the case or when creating a Medicare claim currently.

Anyone who uses the Medicare integration via Medipass: Referral details are pre-populated within Medipass claim form if the Invoice’s related appointment is part of a patient case.

@DNA_Health_Group are you still experiencing issues with your numbering in any of your cases? If so, could you reach out to the support team via Help → Chat With Us. We can take a closer look at your cases to see what’s going on.

loving the Cases function however when adding GP’s would it be possible to have the Clinic show as it does when adding this information to the patient file. We have a number of local GP’s who work at Clinics across a couple of towns and there is not way of knowing which one to choose when adding to a case.

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Thank you @taniamcdonald1! I’ve reached out to our development team to consider including this in a future update for patient cases.

As you mentioned it would make sense to have the patient case field for referral match the referral drop-down when adding GP’s to a patient file. Especially since there are some info/details missing that would help you differentiate all your Contacts!

+1 for this also. Would be very handy to be able to view Provider number, referral date etc when we’re trying to manually enter these details on hicaps machine! Even when you edit, you can’t see the referring provider number.

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Thanks John.
Case number seems to be sorted.
Being able to go back further at this stage would be really helpful, as I’m sure a lot of clinics are adding cases that have already started.
Moving forward I’m sure most will create a case at the start.

Great function though…

Another feature of cases that would make managing them easier is not having to manually select adding to a case every time a booking is made, making it easy to not link an appt to a case

A couple of possible ideas that may work either in isolation or as a combination…

  1. If an appointment is linked to a case and you do “book another”, the new appointment being booked if automatically linked to that case

  2. When booking an appointment, if there are cases created for that client already, a notification pops up to ask if you want to like it to an existing case

Also, being able to add multiple appointments to a case more quickly would be useful.

eg likewhen booking clients into groups. There you can get the options of This appointment only or multiple appointments and if doing multiple can select all appointments for the next set number or choose specific appointments where you can then just tick the sessions you want

  • being able to do something similar wold be good. Even if it is just the multiple appointment part allowing you to then go down a list of upcoming appts to select/deselect via click box rather than having to do the dropdown box and select for each appt as is currently the case.

Another 2 features that would be useful IMO are

  1. In Appointment list- adding a column or some marker that shows that appts are linked to a case. This would make it much easier to look down the list of all appts to see what appointnemts may have been missed from being added to a case

  2. An easy way to remove an appt from a case on the appt schedule page (when editing an appt) - I can change the selected case to “select case” but when saving this seems to revert back to the previously aligned case, not removing the appt from it.

  3. A way to ass in an appointment and link to an already full case (eg if I make 12 appointment in advance on a DVA 12 visit cycle and link all to the case, then a client needs an extra session added in that time I cannot early add that to the case at the expense of the last included appointment). If all 12 are allocated and an appt is added before another already allocated session, a notification to say the 12 are already allocated and by adding this one to the case the last one will be removed would be very useful. Or something similar

Hi @Greg, with regards to this comment:

Another feature of cases that would make managing them easier is not having to manually select adding to a case every time a booking is made, making it easy to not link an appt to a case

When booking an appointment that does not need to go into a case, you won’t have to do anything different—while you will see a “Select case” option, bypassing that will leave the appointment out of any cases!

With regards to your other suggestions, these can certainly be passed onto the team here. We know that there’s definitely more that could be added to how cases function, and we plan on improving them—we wanted to get the basic functionality out first, though, as we knew they could still be useful as they currently are!

Thank you again for your suggestions and feedback on this, it’s really useful to hear! :slight_smile: