Create a visible alert button! PLEASE :)

It would really help to have an alert button feature that shows up on the client booking every time, until you take it out. It would be a blank field that you put whatever you need to in it and it shows up to notify front desk staff and therapists that there is something that needs attention. The icon could be a stop signal, or an exclamation mark like Mindbody use. It would help in the following ways

showing when someone has a payment that needs to be paid
showing when there is a MEDICAL ALERT - its pointless having this if you don’t actually see it until you click into the profile
showing when someone has an account credit, prompting you to bring up the invoice BEFORE processing payment. We add a credit on for referrals, but as there is no alert button showing the credit is there the payment is often processed before we realise. It’s really annoying.
Showing when someone has late cancelled in the past
Showing when someone is a potential problem client for whatever reason
Prompting us to give someone lost property

It would have a huge amount of uses, back in May 18 someone asked for the medical alert to show on the profile, so I am sure a General Alert feature would be welcomed. If you want this too please comment. Thanks