Covid 19 screening-telephone bookings

It would be very useful if Covid-19 screening/questionnaire with check-boxes is added to the “new appointment” screen. This would be filled out by the staff member when patients are booking over the phone.
It also gives the opportunity for regular (rather than once off) screening which would be required for each attendance over the next few months if not years.


This would be an important feature for Canada. We’re not back to work yet, but return protocols drafts show that COVID pre-screening for both patient and therapist will be required for each visit.

Another software I use through a different clinic has just developed this feature.

I have many clients that don’t use email ( I know ! ) so the ability to open a blank form and then import to clients file once complete would be useful.

I asked as I have many clients who don’t use email - this is what Cliniko advised and it worked - bit long winded but we got there. Hopefully it may get slicker with further evolutions of Cliniko.

… Hey, Annie. So sorry for the delay. Great question! Here’s what you can do in this case.

If you head to the patient’s “Forms” tab on their page, if the relevant form has already been generated for them, you’ll see it in their list of forms along with a “Copy link” button off to the right of it. You can hit that button and then paste it into the address bar of a new browser tab. This will enable you to fill out the form on their behalf.

If the form hasn’t yet been generated for them, you’ll just want to hit the “Add form” button at the top right of that page, to generate that form and associate it with a relevant appointment, if desired. You’ll then see it in the list and be able to copy the link as described above.

Once you complete and submit the form on their behalf, you’ll be able to view the completed form by clicking on its name in the list of forms on that patient’s “Forms” tab.