COVID 19 Lock down release changes

I’m looking ahead to when our lockdown has been released and we can see clients face to face again.
Would it be possible to integrate an SMS system where our clients can respond to a text to say they have arrived so we can get them to stay in their cars to adhere to social distancing rules? I know Clinique apps now does something similar but it would be good if cliniko could have this feature as standard. Happy for another way if you can come up with something.
Telehealth has been brilliant - Thank you for getting that up and running in quick fast time as well as the online payment system and client forms.
Thanks for your help in keeping us all going as well as we can!

If you send them a SMS reminder through Cliniko the day before, you could include in that text for them to reply when they have arrived. Their reply will show up on your dashboard, and you can enable a setting that also emails you when you receive a text.
Hope that helps!

CliniqApps, a cliniko add on have created this function. It sends a text an hour before the appointment and a link provided for when they arrive. and Podiatrist is notified. The podiatrist and then click another button to send an SMS to tell the patient to come in when clinic ready