'Copy Previous Treatment Note

Hi Can a possibility to add a ‘Copy Previous Treatment Note from (date)’ be added?

Example: Lets say I treat a patient that has knee pain and also neck pain. I see this patient on 01/06/2021 for their neck pain. I see them on 04/06/2021 and dedicate this treatment for their knee pain. I then see them the following week again for the neck pain. Since the ‘last treatment note’ would be related to the knee pain, and this next treatment would now be for the neck pain again, I cannot simply put in ‘copy previous treatment note’ as this would be for the knee pain consultation.

Ideally, it would be great if I can have the option to copy the treatment note based on the date that I treated the neck pain. If you allowed a function for 'Copy Previous Treatment Note for (date), this would be so much easier, rather than having to copy and past applicable chunks and editing.

Thank you.

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