Consent/ Medical History Forms


I would like to see Medical History and Consent forms that can be filled in and signed by the patient either at home before their appointment or when they come in then they are entered directly on to the system

This would save a lot of time and paper.


this would be a fab idea, something can could be attached to new patient appointments- email and sent straight back when they complete it.


that would be awesome


Hi Guys. This is something we have created at PracticeNav. We’ve done this option for a couple of our clients using mailchimp and google. If you want to find out more - email me at or check out our interactive group on FB


Also thinking this would be a great idea, particularly if it’s set up so that the patient creates a log in account with cliniko so they can access all of their receipts.
Apologies to the PracticeNav and other 3rd parties, but I’d prefer this within Cliniko, not an add on.


yes please very important upon sign up at the moment i am having to send it out separatelly… also once it does hopefully get added on to cliniko please add an opton to have all current clients / patients fill out and sign a medical and consent form … also would like for an option to possibly upload our own version ?


I have a ‘New Patient’ mailchimp automatic email sent when a Patient (email) is added to the list.
It has directions and information as well as a link to our medical history form (to print and bring with) though this could also be to a survey monkey or similar online form if you want to do it online. Many patients bring this with completed.

All of my patients who use the online booking system think it is fantastic and easy and straightforward and the fact that you don’t need to login or remember usernames passwords et cetera is very convenient.
The ability for prospective patients to see availability online before committing to anything/ having to enter information it’s also really useful feature.


[Yes, it would be really great to be able to send intake form and consent form to client!
quote=“Akbal, post:1, topic:203”]
l History and Consent forms that can be filled in and signed by the patient either at home before their appointment or when they come in then they are entered directly on to the system


Yes being able to upload our own new patient forms would be great.


We use Smartwaiver and it works great! But yes, we would LOVE it to be within Cliniko


Yes please this would be great!


It would be good to have the consent forms etc within Cliniko but with the ability to sign on a tablet. Is this possible? So the patient could complete on the tablet and then sign it?


Dear Mikepod,

Thank you so much for sharing that you have managed to set up an automated email chain to new clients. This is something that I have been wanting to do for our counselling practice, but have struggled to sufficiently get my head around Mailchimp. I would like it to be applicable for all new clients whether they book online or not / for client birthdays / for client reminders if we haven’t seen them for a while.

If there is anything that you would be prepared to share to help me to do this in Mailchimp, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
Warm regards, Sarah Sacks - The Grove Counselling (Melbourne)


In MailChimp find the automaton options and trigger event - someone added to the mailing list.
When you create a new patient in cliniko it sends the details to MailChimp that sees it as a new addition to the mailing list.
The automaton sends an email when this happens.
Obviously occasionally we add an email address to an existing patient and we just say that you’ll get a welcome to the practice email and to ‘ignore’ it.

Does that help enough to get you started?

Michael Abrahams


I agree. I see there are work arounds / solutions, but there needs to be an integrated feature within Cliniko.

I am starting up with Cliniko coming from another web based application, and they had an “all-in-one” for consent forms, intake questions, etc. that made if extremely easy for the patient and office.


We have created our own form on Jotform and we send the link in our first appointment letter which we send out as an email. We have also created a T&Cs type doc in same manner.


Yes please to this! We do all our client notes with Cliniko and it is such a shame that the first point of contact has not been paid the attention it deserves. A form or the like that can be emailed and returned and automatically integrated with the client would be of huge benefit.


It would be very helpful to have a form/new patient registration form that would automatically populate the client details in cliniko. So that we could just hand a tablet to the client to fill out while they are waiting.


Yes please, I would really like this feature as it would save so much time (and paper)


Greta idea,
We currently have created the forms on our website, that clients complete before arriving.
These are emailed to us, so can be printed and added to notes or stored electronically.